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  • Colourised cell on nanoneedles

    Nanoneedles generate new blood vessels

    News | 30 March 2015

    Scientists from Imperial College London (ICL) and Houston Methodist Research Institute (HMRI), US have developed prototype nanoneedles that have been shown to generate new blood vessels in mice. The...

  • The most detailed analysis of the human genome has been published by scientists

    Gene defect may explain cardiac death

    News | 17 February 2015

    Researchers at the University of Oxford have made a chance discovery which could explain how a gene defect causes sudden cardiac death. Studies found that mice lacking the protein iASPP had an irregular...

  • 23andMe saliva collection kit

    Future for genetic screening in employment

    News | 6 February 2015

    A quarter of UK businesses would extend health screening into genetic testing to retain and attract top talent, but fear of legal repercussions is an inhibiting factor for 76% of employers. More than 600 UK...

  • Imperial College London

    Gene study targets heart failure

    News | 14 January 2015

    A study conducted by researchers at Imperial College London (ICL) has revealed the gene mutations responsible for the heart condition dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). By sequencing the gene encoding the muscle protein...

  • HiSeq X Ten from Illumina

    Scotland secures £15m genome investment

    News | 12 January 2015

    Experts from the universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow will partner with genome sequencing firm Illumina to establish the Scottish Genomes Partnership (SGP). Utilising a £15 million investment, the SGP will...

  • Cancerous cells

    Cancer-promoting gene could explain 'paradox'

    News | 6 January 2015

    Researchers at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Centre have uncovered a cancer-promoting gene linked to both tumour promotion and tumour suppression. The cellular differentiation and...

  • The most detailed analysis of the human genome has been published by scientists

    Centres revealed for 100,000 Genomes Project

    News | 22 December 2014

    NHS England has announced which 11 genomic medicine centres (GMCs) will play host to the revolutionary 100,000 Genomes Project. At the beginning of August Prime Minister David Cameron launched a £300...

  • The most detailed analysis of the human genome has been published by scientists

    Scientists map DNA 'looping' within humans

    News | 11 December 2014

    Revolutionary new research has revealed how the human genome folds into an almost limitless variety of shapes so that individual cells can modulate their function. The research, conducted by scientists from...

  • MinION

    'USB stick' could revolutionise gene sequencing

    News | 8 December 2014

    Newly developed nanopore DNA sequencing technology could be used to diagnose infection and detect drug-resistance at the point of clinical need, researchers claim. The sequencing device, known as...

  • 23andMe saliva collection kit

    Editor's comment | The gift of genetics

    Features | 3 December 2014

    With Christmas fast approaching, what better gift is there than the £125 personal genetics kit from genetics firm 23andMe? The 23andMe Personal Genome Service (PGS) kit is said to offer UK citizens the chance...

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