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Research Grade isolates lung tissue cells

Roche Diagnostics

Liberase Research Grade

In a recent research study, Roche's Liberase Research Grade was used to isolate cells from lung tumour tissue.

The resulting cell number, viability and functionality were compared with a collagenase/neutral protease mixture of another supplier.

Before any tissue dissociation procedure, the biopsies were characterised immunohistochemically with anti-CEA (carcinoembryonic antigen) and anti-cytokeratin antibodies as a positive control.

A high number of CEA-positive cells could be detected, demonstrating the tumour origin of the tissue.

The cell yield after isolation and the proliferation capacity of the cells isolated from human lung tumour tissue was significantly higher in cultures from Liberase Research Grade when compared with the competitor enzyme mixture.

Roche's Liberase Enzymes are mixtures of collagenases and neutral protease enzymes, formulated for efficient dissociation of tissue from a variety of sources.

The enzymes are of highly pure grades as a result of advanced fermentation conditions and an optimised purification process leading to intact, non-degraded raw material.

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