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Machines and fixtures support biomaterials testing


UTM frames and accessories

Admet is presenting its line of universal testing machines (UTMs), controllers and accessories here at the Society for Biomaterials Annual Meeting and Exposition

Admet designs a number of its test equipment systems, configurations, digital indicators and controllers, grips and fixtures to support biomaterials research and production.

Selling direct, and through specialised biomedical, pharmaceutical, as well as micro and nanotechnology system providers, Admet offers a range of flexible systems for testing biomaterials and biomechanical structures.

Admet systems conduct low-force tension, compression and flexure tests on biomaterials, medical devices, wire, textiles, packaging, elastomers, plastics, films, foils and other materials.

The machines perform tests that range from a few grams up to 10kN and beyond in vertical and horizontal orientations.

Accessories are also available for testing specimens in baths, temperature and vacuum chambers, inside microscopes and other lab equipment.

"Several vendors offer single-purpose or highly specialised biomaterials test equipment," stated Richard Gedney, Admet founder and president.

"Our approach is to provide highly flexible UTM frames and accessories that can conduct sophisticated tests, yet can be easily reconfigured for alternate tests.

"This is valuable for labs that test several materials or that will require new tests as they move on to different materials or processes".

Admet offers a range of machines, controllers and accessories for biomaterials testing, including:.

Micro EP test stage - palm-sized universal test stages are ideal for determining the mechanical properties of miniature specimens in tension, compression or flexure.

Each stage can be used as a standalone tester or can be installed in an optical or atomic microscope to compare the macroscopic stress-strain states with the microscopic changes in the material.

The testers exert forces as small as a few grams or as much as 5kN and are equipped with load and displacement transducers for generating stress-strain curves.

They can be programmed to conduct simple force or displacement tests to failure, long-term ramp and hold tests, or cyclic control profiles.

Admet Micro EP test stage.

Admet eXpert 560x and 760x test frames - Admet also offers 560x and 760x tabletop UTMs for biomaterials testing that exert forces as small as a few grams or as much as 5kN.

Admet's modular design enables the machines to be easily reconfigured to operate in horizontal or vertical orientations.

Both test frame lines are available in low- and high-speed configurations and, with sealed bellows and top-mounted actuators, can be used in wet or corrosive environments.

Detachable controllers enable Admet test frames to be used in sub-zero or elevated-temperature chambers.

Admet Expert 5601 test frame.

Admet Expert 26xx test frames - the dual-column Expert 26xx line provides accurate compression, tension and flexure testing of biomaterial, elastomer, film, foil, metal, packaging, plastics, textile and wire materials, components and structures.

The machines range from 10kN to 50kN in tabletop configurations, and 50kN to 150kN in floor-standing models.

The units feature fast-acting servo motors, twin ball-screws for superior axial alignment, stiffness and crosshead guidance.

Floor-standing models have wide column spacing to accommodate large parts, specialized grips and fixtures, and temperature chambers.

Admet Expert 2611 test frame.

Digital controllers and test systems, include:.

eP Digital Controller - A standalone digital controller that accurately controls and measures force and extension, stores test procedures, and performs several data analysis measures.

Data can be exported to a PC for inclusion in reports, spreadsheets and database programs.

Precise controller - A standalone unit that offers real-time graphing capabilities.

It features force, extension and strain inputs which make it able to perform a wider range of tests and data analysis.

Results are displayed on an LCD readout and test data can be exported for further analysis.

Mtestwindows - A PC/Windows-based materials testing software system that comes pre-programmed with monotonic, segmented or cyclic servo control profiles to perform virtually any type of test.

In addition to even more robust printing and data export capabilities, Admet Mtestwindows also provides statistical summaries for groups of like tests.

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