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Cut-price deals on QInstruments shaker thermostats

Quantifoil Instruments

Thermotwister Comfort, Thermostar 100

For the launch of the new rack cover, customers can purchase QInstruments thermo shaker Thermotwister Comfort and thermostat Thermostar 100 at a special discounted price until 31 March 2007

You will receive for every order of a thermo instrument one standard tube block and one rack cover for free.

QInstruments's standard thermo blocks for thermo shaker Thermotwister Comfort and thermostat Thermostar 100 come now together with the rack cover system.

The standard blocks for 0.2ml PCR tubes, 0.5ml centrifuge tubes and 1.5ml centrifuge tubes are precision machined from solid aluminium to exactly fit the tube shape and black anodised for better heat transfer and protection from spills.

The rack cover is a transparent plastic tool to fix the tubes during the reaction time on the instruments and preparation on the lab bench.

The rack cover is described as a reliable partner for short reaction times and efficient lab routines in process with Q.Instruments thermo devices.

The using of cover until incubation at high temperatures improves the heating time, temperature stability and protect from draught.

The rack cover for the standard tube blocks will enhance the functionality and application area of the Thermotwister comfort and Thermostar 100.

With this promotion, now is the perfect time for anyone who was considering a thermo shaker or thermostat to make the purchase, says Quantifoil.

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