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Freedom EVO automates tropical disease research

Tecan Trading AG

Freedom EVO platform

The Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit (MORU) in Thailand has chosen Tecan's Freedom EVO platform to automate research into the pharmacology of anti-malarial and anti-influenza drugs.

'Our studies focus on malaria and influenza, and the main thrust of our research is the development of new methods and assays to quantify these drugs in biological fluids,' said Prof Niklas Lindegardh, head of department.

'Our Freedom EVO liquid-handling workstation performs aliquoting and preparation of patient samples, automating a range of preparation methods, such as solid-phase or liquid-liquid extractions and protein precipitations,' he said.

'We have been able to move from performing all these steps manually to automating everything on the Freedom EVO 200 and analyses that previously took around five hours now take only 20min for 96 samples,' Lindegardh said.

'We have since been able to refine the scripts, creating new processes and fine tuning the system to accommodate our sample-preparation requirements,' he added.

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