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Chemists perfect biofuel production capability

Materials screening 'improves' biofuel processing

Researchers in the US have developed a computational screening process that identifies potential materials that could improve biofuel and petroleum processing.

Chemistry major Stephan Kudlacek and professor Greg Weiss have developed a way of unboiling a hen egg

Chemists find way to 'unboil' egg

A team of US and Australian chemists claims to have unboiled egg whites by returning a key protein in the egg to working order.

Cancer cells in vitro

Cancer cooperation "makes treatment difficult"

A team of researchers at the University of East Anglia (UEA) has made steps in understanding why many cancers are difficult to treat and often return following treatment.

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Anton Paar

Measuring jet fuel viscosity download

Anton Paar Ltd

Anton Paar has used its SVM 3000 viscometer to determine the viscosity of jet fuel.

Bone and cartilage

Biotribological investigation of cartilage download

Anton Paar Ltd

Tribology combines the studies of friction, wear and lubrication. In biomedical research, tribology is employed to understand naturally occurring motions between tissues and organs but also for artificially created boundaries between natural and implant surfaces.

History uncovered with high-resolution light microscopy

A view of the past weblink


The latest application note from Olympus explores how high-resolution light microscopy is rapidly advancing our knowledge of the past.

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Jenway Meters

Bench pH meters for every activity download

Jenway (A Bibby Scientific brand)

With its 3505, 3510 and 3520 bench pH meters, Jenway offers pH meters with a wide range of features for every application.

Fritsch cutting mills

Easy-clean cutting mills for daily use downloadweblink


The PULVERISETTE cutting mills from Fritsch are designed to provide optimal size-reduction with minimal cleaning effort.

The MiniVap blowdown evaporator

Entry level solvent evaporator from Porvair downloadweblink

Porvair Sciences

The MiniVap blowdown evaporator from Porvair Sciences takes minutes to remove volatile organic solvents from 96-well microplates.


Vacuum benchtop autoclave for CAT 3 labs downloadweblink


Priorclave C40 vacuum benchtop autoclaves are designed for laboratories implementing higher levels of prevention of cross contamination and spread of infection.

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Malvern rheology toolkit part 2

Rheology toolkit #2: The importance of yield stress

The second part of Malvern Instruments’ rheology toolkit series takes an in-depth look at rheology in action and how yield stress can substantially impact the functionality and commercial value of a range of industrially significant fluids.

Ben Potenza

EquipNet toolkit: Q&A with Ben Potenza

EquipNet, Inc

EquipNet marketing vice president Ben Potenza offers his top tips for buying second-user equipment.

Visibility is key

EquipNet toolkit: Visibility is the key

EquipNet, Inc

The third part of the EquipNet toolkit series looks at the company’s Asset Redeployment Management System.


Ebola faces vaccine triple threat

Three major pharmaceutical firms are leading the charge to develop the world’s first widely available Ebola vaccine.

Liberty Blue

Tide turns for microwave chemistry

Microwave chemistry is fast becoming the most highly-prized asset in a laboratory’s peptide synthesis arsenal.

Antimicrobial Resistance: Tackling a crisis for the health and wealth of nations

Review: The future impact of antimicrobial resistance

The first of five independent reviews that address the growing issue of antimicrobial resistance was published today.

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UWE postgraduate Laura Holding

Fighting Ebola first-hand

Armed with clinical diagnostics expertise and vital information on the treatment of exotic pathogens, UWE postgraduate Laura Holding discusses the spread of Ebola, and how her lab in Sierra Leone is helping to stop it.

Anachem pipette swap

Precision pipetting is standard

The volume and variety of pipettes currently in use makes the protection offered by an international standard essential for the accuracy and precision of a lab’s work, says Anachem pipette service manager Craig Bush.

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The most detailed analysis of the human genome has been published by scientists

The next generation

Nabsys vice president, marketing & business development, Darren Lee, tells LaboratoryTalk how electronic detection can complement next-generation sequencing (NGS).

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An introduction to bioinformatics videoweblink

This short video from the NHS lets you discover how bioinformatics is becoming increasingly important to contemporary healthcare research and delivery.

Microbullet hits 'confirm' graphene's strength video

In this short video, graphene’s strength appears to be determined by how well it stretches before it breaks, according to Rice University scientists who tested the material’s properties by peppering it with microbullets.

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Gas bubble generation in water download

Dolomite Microfluidics

Dolomite has published an application note that looks at the use of its hydrodynamic flow-focussing-based Small Droplet System for the formation of gas bubbles in liquid.

TDLs for all your processes

Lasers explore unchartered territory weblink

Mettler Toledo

Mettler Toledo has produced a white paper illustrating how tunable diode laser (TDL) gas analysers can now be applied to all gas analysis processes using a range of process adaptions. 

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