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Colourised cell on nanoneedles

Nanoneedles generate new blood vessels

Scientists from Imperial College London (ICL) and Houston Methodist Research Institute (HMRI), US have developed prototype nanoneedles that have been shown to generate new blood vessels in mice.


Ebola affects young children most

A study conducted by Imperial College London (ICL) has found that Ebola is most deadly for young children.

Cancerous cells

£37.5m for cancer research

Cancer Research UK has partnered with the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to fund a number of multidisciplinary cancer research projects.

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Advanced particle characterisation and analysis from Meritics downloadweblink


Oceanography is not necessarily a field that you would associate with breakthroughs in instrumentation for a subject like particle analysis.

Gas adsorption analytics software from Micromeritics weblink


Micromeritics has announced the availability of MicroActive Share, a cloud-based analytics, reporting and collaboration product within its portfolio.

The 2900 from YSI

YSI biochemistry analyser adds data benefits downloadweblink


The 2900 from YSI has been launched with additional data flexibility for in-house quality assurance in fields such as the monitoring of sucrose and glucose levels by potato growers.

The RKA 5

Automatic softening point analysis downloadweblink

Anton Paar Ltd

Re-launched under the Anton Paar brand, the RKA 5 uses a ’Ring & Ball’ method to determine material softening point.

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The Honeycomb from Logicall proves its merit downloadweblink

White Horse Scientific

All warehouses and distribution centres that handle goods such as foodstuffs or pharmaceuticals, in fact any stock that is environmentally sensitive, are faced with huge challenges.

The 3D printer is an example of the performance of Lee’s range of VHS Micro-Dispense Solenoid Valves

Cell yourself

Lee Products

A cell printing project featuring miniature VHS solenoid valves and nozzles from Lee Products has been demonstrated at the 3D Print Show in London.

The YSI 2900 Biochemistry Analyser

YSI 2900 enables e.coli research weblink


The YSI 2900 Biochemistry Analyser was the instrument of choice for researchers seeking to improve the growth and culture of e. coli.

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Malvern rheology toolkit part 2

Rheology toolkit #2: The importance of yield stress

The second part of Malvern Instruments’ rheology toolkit series takes an in-depth look at rheology in action and how yield stress can substantially impact the functionality and commercial value of a range of industrially significant fluids.

Ben Potenza

EquipNet toolkit: Q&A with Ben Potenza

EquipNet, Inc

EquipNet marketing vice president Ben Potenza offers his top tips for buying second-user equipment.

Visibility is key

EquipNet toolkit: Visibility is the key

EquipNet, Inc

The third part of the EquipNet toolkit series looks at the company’s Asset Redeployment Management System.

Exam Hall

Editor's comment | Sayonara Science?

Ofqual, the examination regulator for England and Northern Ireland, yesterday announced a new approach to GCSE science which will effectively see written exams usurp controlled practical science assessments.

Robert Langer

Editor's comment | The awards debate

Should awards be considered worthwhile recognition for great work, or a worthless distraction?


Ebola faces vaccine triple threat

Three major pharmaceutical firms are leading the charge to develop the world’s first widely available Ebola vaccine.

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Jack Lan

Faster pharma

InfinityQS global account executive Jack Lan discusses five ways pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers can use technology to streamline compliance and speed time to market.

UWE postgraduate Laura Holding

Fighting Ebola first-hand

Armed with clinical diagnostics expertise and vital information on the treatment of exotic pathogens, UWE postgraduate Laura Holding discusses the spread of Ebola, and how her lab in Sierra Leone is helping to stop it.

Anachem pipette swap

Precision pipetting is standard

The volume and variety of pipettes currently in use makes the protection offered by an international standard essential for the accuracy and precision of a lab’s work, says Anachem pipette service manager Craig Bush.

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The 5 distinct steps of pipetting video


The Pipetting Cycle is part of a series of tutorial videos; this first tutorial demonstrates the five distinct steps of pipetting and how to do them correctly. These have been created as part of Anachem’s Good Pipetting Practice Programme (GPP).

Spectrophotometers for life sciences applications from Jenway videoweblink

Jenway (A Bibby Scientific brand)

The Genova Plus spectrophotometer from Jenway is the ideal spectrophotometer for the Life Sciences.

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Gas bubble generation in water download

Dolomite Microfluidics

Dolomite has published an application note that looks at the use of its hydrodynamic flow-focussing-based Small Droplet System for the formation of gas bubbles in liquid.

TDLs for all your processes

Lasers explore unchartered territory weblink

Mettler Toledo

Mettler Toledo has produced a white paper illustrating how tunable diode laser (TDL) gas analysers can now be applied to all gas analysis processes using a range of process adaptions. 

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