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Metal flow

Metal flow 'boosts' manufacturing

Researchers at Purdue University, US have discovered a new type of metal deformation and a way to suppress it.

Experts discover stem cell 'first aid kit'

Novel workflow provides cellular insight

A team of researchers at The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC) and Jagiellonian University has revealed a novel workflow, identifying associations between molecules to provide insights into cellular metabolism and gene expression in complex biological systems.


Study to perfect proton therapy

A team of researchers based at the University of Birmingham (UOB) is conducting research to create a proton computed tomography (CT) image that it hopes will facilitate new cancer treatment.

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Insertion turbine flowmeters combine technology with modern materials and design

Insertion turbine flowmeters from Titan

Titan Enterprises

Titan Enterprises’ insertion turbine flowmeters combine robust technology with modern materials and design.

The Stomacher 4500 has been specifically designed for large volume food safety testing

Large volume food testing


Seward will be highlighting new introductions for food safety sample preparation on Booth 523 at IAFP 2015.

Resolve Optics will be at PHOTONEX 2015

Focus on design for Resolve

Resolve Optics

Resolve Optics will be focusing on its specialist lens design service for machine vision applications at PHOTONEX 2015.

Mediajet from Integra Biosciences

Reliable walkaway petri dish filling downloadweblink

INTEGRA Biosciences

Sterile dispensing is essential for successful downstream applications and to meet quality requirements in laboratories involved in culture media preparation. 

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Application note

Study into rapid bioprocess monitoring download


A study in the potential of online bioprocess monitoring featuring the use of a YSI Analyser and Flowmatics Seg-Flow


Refractometers in the fruit juice industry download

Bellingham + Stanley Ltd (a xylem brand)

In 2014, according to Nielsen data, orange juice sales hit their lowest level in at least 20 years.


Viral vision: intravital microscopy

A research lab in Italy is using intravital microscopy to study virus responses.

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Malvern rheology toolkit part 2

Rheology toolkit #2: The importance of yield stress

The second part of Malvern Instruments’ rheology toolkit series takes an in-depth look at rheology in action and how yield stress can substantially impact the functionality and commercial value of a range of industrially significant fluids.

Ben Potenza

EquipNet toolkit: Q&A with Ben Potenza

EquipNet, Inc

EquipNet marketing vice president Ben Potenza offers his top tips for buying second-user equipment.

Live cell imaging of cell nucleus CellLight reagents.jpg

The secret life of cells video

Instruments that can capture the covert processes within cells are bringing laboratory research into much sharper focus, writes Louisa Hearn.

Image analysis & microscopy

Editor's comment | Image analysis & microscopy web magazine weblink

We have launched the first issue in a new series of web magazines.

Mixed gender lab

Editor's comment | Those 'troublesome' female scientists...

Female scientists have been hitting back at Nobel Prize winner Tim Hunt this week after he made sexist remarks while speaking at a conference in South Korea.

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Robert Ferris

Big challenges for nanomaterials

Emerson Process Management’s Robert Ferris looks at the challenges faced by nanomaterials providers when ensuring product quality.

Point of care testing

Managing quality control in point-of-care testing

As breakthroughs in medical diagnostics bring earlier and more accurate diagnosis, we’re seeing patients benefiting from faster access to treatment, says Randox quality control manager David Hunter.

Jamie Clayton

Robust powder performance

A quality assurance protocol based on dynamic powder testing has proven successful for identifying powder coatings that will perform well in electrostatic spraying applications, says Freeman Technology operations director Jamie Clayton.

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Good Pipetting Technique: Pipette tip immersion video


Immersing the tip to the correct depth will improve your accuracy by up to 5%. Immersing the tip too deeply can cause too much liquid to be aspirated and create bubbles. Conversely, positioning the tip too close to the surface can aspirate air.

SolariX XR provides "extreme resolution" and increased analytical power videodownloadweblink

Bruker Daltonik GmbH

With the SolariX XR, Bruker Daltonics has introduced its highest resolution Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometer (FTMS) to date.

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Wheaton sample integrity

White paper: Chromatography sample integrity download


WHEATON is offering a white paper that reviews the standard available formats for high-throughput plate systems, as well as the uniquely designed solutions that mitigate the risk of cross contamination and allow for better process flow integration.


Analysing cocaine on currency download

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

Sample analysis technology firm Shimadzu has released an application note that describes a method for extraction, identification, and quantitation of cocaine on paper money from nine different geographical areas around the globe.

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Analysis & Quality Control