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Label-free zebrafish tail

Deep-imaging multiphoton system downloadweblink


Olympus has introduced its latest high-speed, high-precision deep-imaging multiphoton system FVMPE-RS.

The UltraVap Mistral is fully optimised to work with robotic liquid handling   systems

Ultravap Mistral dry down station downloadweblink

Porvair Sciences

Porvair Sciences has launched a video introducing the Ultravap Mistral.

Models, which feature large capacity 500mm diameter sterilising chambers, are designed to appeal to both in-house and contract laboratories

Autoclaves improve lab performance downloadweblink


The QCS front loading autoclave range from Priorclave is designed to increase sterilising throughput using improved load capacity and top operating performance.

The Rocket Evaporator is designed for use by a complete beginner within five minutes

Hands free evaporation


Genevac has launched the Rocket Evaporator, designed to provide unattended operational capabilities.

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 Mini-PROTEAN TGX Stain-Free Precast Gels

Precast gels facilitate research

Bio-Rad Life Science

Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI) is using Bio-Rad’s TGX Stain-Free gels to demonstrate how target genes regulate low-density lipoprotein receptor (LDLR) protein.


Photometric detector gets minty fresh weblink

Xylem Water Solutions

An OI Analytical photometric detector has been used in the processing of spearmint oils to help address the volatility of sulphur compounds.

Metrohm's 850 Professional IC was chosen for a study into analysis of arsenic.

Arsenic analysis weblink


Metrohm’s 850 Professional IC coupled to an Agilent 7700x ICP-MS was chosen for a study into analysis of  arsenic in prenatal and children’s dietary supplements.

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Making the right connection (Figure 1)

Making the right connections download

Dr Bülent Peker of Olympus microscopy explored how researchers at the Institute of Neurosciences, Technical University Munich have been studying the neuronal connections within the health and disease sectors.

Cellular nano lantern

Cells under the spotlight

Experts at Osaka University have documented a luminescent protein which allowed real-time imaging of intracellular structures in living cells.

Stress-free HPLC method transfer

Stress-free HPLC method transfer download

Ade Kujore from Cecil Instruments outlines issues that need to be addressed when writing HPLC methods for transfer.

Rheometry toolkit figure 1

Rheology toolkit #1: "Generate a flow curve" weblink

Malvern InstrumentsMon, 21 Oct 2013

The first part of the Malvern Instruments rheology toolkit series, designed to explore some fundamental rheological tests that can be used to generate valuable information for formulation, product development, QC, and process troubleshooting, has been released.

Malvern's rheology toolkit

Malvern to introduce its rheology toolkit series

Malvern InstrumentsMon, 21 Oct 2013

The rheology toolkit is a series of short articles exploring some fundamental rheological tests that can be used to generate information for formulation, product development, QC and process troubleshooting.

Professor Jing Li

Micromeritics selects grant recipient downloadweblink


Micromeritics’ Instrument Grant Committee has selected the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Rutgers University as its latest grant recipient.

Light technology

Funding boost for artificial matter research

Research into using metamaterials is set to receive a £2.5 million investment from the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council.

Cambridge Uni facility upgrade

Lab upgrade project at Cambridge

The University of Cambridge appoints engineering services firm in £40m facilities project.

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Paul Holt

Automated laboratory links

BD Diagnostics’ Paul Holt discusses the options a cytopathology lab has in automating its sample transfer and analysis processes.

GCs turning to hydrogen

Gas chromatographers "turning to hydrogen" video

A growing number of laboratory analysts are now using ultra-high purity hydrogen when performing gas chromatography (GC), says Air Products.

Lord Robert Winston

Q&A with Lord Robert Winston

As the final preparations are being made for Lab Innovations 2013 at the NEC, Birmingham on 6-7 November, Lord Winston has answered a Q&A on the challenges faced in the UK science sectors.

Analytica 2014: The challenges of foodstuff analysis video

Every year, there are no less than 400.000 samples examined by official food inspection bodies. This helps to grow consumers’ confidence in the safety of our foodstuff.

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Wyatt MALS equipment

Multi-angle light scattering polymer analysis

Wyatt Technology

Macromolecular characterisation instrumentation and software firm Wyatt Technology has published a whitepaper on characterising molecular structure in synthetic and natural polymers by multi-angle light scattering.

Harmonised microbial limits test weblink

Institute of Validation Technology

The Institute of Validation Technology has released a technical article that provides insight to the HMLT and strategies for obtaining successful validation of the test.

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Analysis & Quality Control

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