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Advanced confocal imaging for 3Dmap microfluidics

Hyphenated Systems

ACI module for 3Dmap

3Dmap characterises subsurface structure in transparent media with submicron accuracy; new optics improve field size and Z-resolution

Hyphenated Systems, a provider of hybrid microscopy solutions for three-dimensional (3D) imaging and metrology in micro- and nanotechnology, today released a new advanced confocal imaging (ACI) module for its 3Dmap (microfluidics analysis platform) systems that provide 3D structural metrology for developers and manufacturers of microfluidic devices.

The new module provides a larger field of view and improved depth resolution.

The high-resolution measurements of size and shape provided by 3Dmap are essential in all phases of microfluidics development, from understanding fundamental physical phenomena through developing novel devices and controlling fabrication processes.

Advanced confocal imaging uses a spinning disk with multiple confocal apertures to provide parallel data collection pathways for image acquisition at speeds that cannot be equaled by scanning confocal techniques-complete 3D models are available in seconds.

The new optics module responds to customer demands for larger fields of view and enhanced Z-axis resolution.

3Dmap is unique in its ability to provide fast, accurate sub-micron structural characterisation of all aspects of microfluidic devices; including steep slopes, rough surfaces, and subsurface features in transparent media.

The system's inverted optics and open architecture are designed to facilitate the integration of additional analytical techniques, such as flow measurement, live cell imaging, fluorescent bead characterization, surface roughness analysis, and more - all on a single platform.

"Microfluidics research and development is all about the interactions between structure and flow at the microscopic scale-a scale where these phenomena are very different from the macro scale that we are accustomed to," said Terence Lundy, vice president and managing director, Hyphenated Systems.

"This new module improves their ability to observe these phenomena in two critical ways: it allows them to look at larger areas and to measure 3D structure with better resolution in the third dimension".

"Both of these have significant practical value in the field." The new module can be retrofitted to existing systems.

3Dmap, and Fluid3D analytical software, are available from Hyphenated Systems.

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