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Listeria test for food and environmental samples


VIDAS UP recombinant phage technology provides next-day results for Listeria detection.

This new solution from bioMérieux uses recombinant bacteriophage (phage) proteins, which claim to offer best-inclass specificity and sensitivity for the targeted and rapid detection of Listeria.

VIDAS LPT complements the company’s VIDAS UP E. coli O157 (including H7) and VIDAS UP Salmonella, all based on phage technology.

According to the company, the VIDAS LPT assay is one of the most rapid and easy-to-use Listeria spp screening tests for food and environmental samples.

Based on phage protein technology, it is able to detect low contamination levels and provides an extremely simple enrichment protocol, which reduces laboratory hands-on time, and delivers next-day results.

This compared to reference methods, which require up to five days.

VIDAS LPT has already been ISO 16140 certified by AFNOR for all human foods and production environment samples. AOAC-RI validation has been initiated.

Further features include:

  • Same protocol for all foods and environmental samples
  • Room temperature storage
  • Only one transfer step: reduced hands-on time and mistakes
  • Ready-to-use media
  • Simplified confirmation on chromogenic plate



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