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Viscotek appoints exclusive Danish distributor

Viscotek Europe

Viscotek has appointed MD Scientific as exclusive distributor for Denmark

MD Scientific is a well-respected provider of high-tech analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, technical service, analytical service and courses to Danish companies, hospitals, research laboratories, universities and clinical laboratories.

"Headed by Marek Danielewicz, a man with 15 years experience of Viscotek products, the appointment represents continuity of informed service and support to our growing group of Danish users" said Paul Clarke (managing director) - Viscotek Europe.

Danielewicz commented "I am very happy to be working with Viscotek and supporting the customers in Denmark".

He added "Viscotek's expanding range of DLS products offer some exciting new characterisation capabilities and perfectly compliment the company's market leading Triple Detector Array (TDA) and GPCmax systems that have been adopted by the pharmaceutical industry in particular".

With offices in the UK, Netherlands, Germany and France, Viscotek is Europe's leading provider of complete solutions for polymer, protein and nanoparticle characterisation to the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

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