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Fogale Nanotech assigns UK distributor

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Fogale Nanotech

Fogale Nanotech of France, a supplier in the field of ultra-high accuracy dimensional metrology, has appointed Armstrong Optical of Northants, UK as its exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland

Operating in the fields of surface profilometry including phase shift and white light interferometry, Fogale Nanotech is acknowledged for delivering systems of the highest quality and has established a reputation for supplying standard systems as well as custom solutions into widely diverse industry sectors, says Armstrong Optical.

These include such areas as advanced packaging, data storage, fundamental material science research, Mems applications, telecommunications, classical optics and electronics and semiconductor technologies.

Of note in the field of Mems research is the option to perform dynamic characterisation of vibrating Mems.

The fully automated measurement allows precise evaluation of both in-plane and out-of-plane vibration mode shapes and deformations in the frequency range from 100Hz to 2MHz.

Amplitude and vibration phase maps can be generated for direct comparison with finite element simulations.

The behaviour of Mems can be easily tested under controlled environmental conditions (temperature, vacuum, partial gas pressures) using the specially developed Vacuum Box arrangement in conjunction with long working distance Mirau interferometric objectives and stroboscopic illumination.

Armstrong Optical represents a variety of photonics manufacturers in the field of optical metrology and thermal imaging and provides product support and consultancy services to end-users in academia and industry across a broad range of application areas.

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