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Farfield Scientific opens US headquarters

Farfield Scientific

Farfield Scientific announces the opening of its US headquarters office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - the 'knowledge capital of America'

The new facility in Pittsburgh will serve as a direct sales office for Farfield's expanding operations in the USA as well as providing support for SciPartners , Farfield's established sales agent in New England, New York and New Jersey.

Farfield Scientific already enjoys a worldwide reach through sales of its nanotechnology level scientific instrumentation which users describe as 'molecular microscopes that open up the molecular world in the same way that optical microscopes opened up the cellular world'.

Farfield's instrument users are academic and industrial research scientists interested in applications ranging from the molecular basis of common diseases to the precise engineering of materials on the nanometer scale.

By virtue of the dominant position it plays in such research, the USA will be the company's principal market.

World-class researchers in Pittsburgh are already providing the launch site for many of the most promising applications.

"Making Pittsburgh our US base has been assisted by the University of Pittsburgh's Swanson Institute, the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance and the Pittsburgh Life Science Greenhouse" says Neville Freeman, who will head up the office and take up the role of president of Farfield Scientific.

Farfield's CEO Gerry Ronan explained: "Neville is the ideal candidate to lead the operation, and this will demonstrate our commitment to the US market.

"Neville is the company founder and has led applications and business development both here in the UK and the rest of the world for the past ten years".

"I am determined the USA will be addressed with the importance it deserves, and the Pittsburgh academic community will play a key role in our plans."

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