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Omega glovebox boosts materials research at Leeds

Saffron Scientific Equipment

Omega glovebox

Saffron Scientific Equipment has installed an Omega glovebox within Leeds University's Institute for Materials Research, School of Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering Department

The Omega glovebox has been specially designed to allow for scientists to mix organometallic compounds to produce precursor sols to manufacture ferroelectric thin films on platinised silicon substrates for use within the electronics industry.

Forming part of the GSPK group of companies based in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, Saffron Scientific is a specialist in the design, development, manufacture and installation of gloveboxes, dry anaerobic gloveboxes and bespoke containment systems for the storage, handling and processing of hazardous and toxic substances.

Saffron's product range is often supplied to researchers within the field of nanotechnology in order for a controlled environment to be created while handling substances of a toxic or reactant nature.

Saffron Scientific Equipment was able to specify, design and manufacture a glovebox that not only mixes the compounds in the right proportions, but allows the Institute of Materials Research Department to mix the compounds in an inert atmosphere of nitrogen gas.

Scientists specifying this piece of high-tech equipment needed a controlled environment which prevented any contact with atmospheric gases and which further allowed for the measurement of controlled amounts of oxygen and moisture accurately at very low levels.

Anirban Chowdhury of the Institute of Materials Research at Leeds University said: "The glovebox really helped our groups by providing an atmosphere that is free from atmospheric gases.

"All of our materials preparation starts from here; and we are satisfied at being able to prepare sols for ferroelectric thin films using this system".

Phil Evans, business development director for Saffron Scientific Equipment said: "Saffron worked very closely with Leeds University and Anriban in particular in making sure all the requirements of the process were met.

"This glovebox has joined the list of successful glovebox installations that Saffron has now completed within the university.

"We are looking forward to continuing our excellent relationship within the various departments including our links with Nanofactory in particular."

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