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Free ductless fume cupboard assessments

Air Science LLCcontact supplier

Air Science is offering companies free ductless fume cupboard assessments to help them create better filter safety management programmes.

The group is currently offering complimentary Ductless Fume Cupboard Assessment of Use Report based on SEFA 9 requirements.

An Application Questionnaire (which can be downloaded above) is used as the basis for the company’s ’Assessment of Use Report’ as well as a ’Filter Monitoring Log’ that sets out the test protocol.


SEFA 9 – 2010 “Recommended Practices for Ductless Enclosures” includes a requirement that any new or variations of an existing application be re-submitted for a new usage qualification.

That qualification process starts with the submittal by the user of an Application Questionnaire which is then used to create the manufacturer’s response or Assessment of Use Report.

This information can then be used to create a filter safety management program based on a customised filter monitoring protocol using colorimetric test tubes and detailed in a Filter Monitoring Log Sheet.

The report aims to outline:

  • Whether an application is appropriate for a ductless fume cupboard
  • The proper filter formulation that should be in use for the application
  • The estimated filter life for the application

In addition to the assessment, Air Science will provide a Filter Monitoring Log Sheet based on the use of colorimetric tubes.

Each ductless fume hood will have a customised log sheet specifying the test tube to be used and the dates when the testing is to be done.

The programme is setup so that it can be carried out by the user of the ductless fume cupboard and the log sheet is posted and stays with the fume hood. 

The log sheet must be revised at least on a 14 month schedule or sooner depending on the time of annual service visit or whenever the application changes.


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