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ActiveX command library for Squiggle motors

New Scale Technologies


SQ-2300 bench top motor controller targets laboratory and research nanopositioning applications for New Scale's patented piezoelectric Squiggle motors

With an ActiveX command library and USB connection, the new SQ-2300 series bench top motor controller simplifies computer control of New Scale's piezo-electric Squiggle motors and closed-loop linear nanopositioning stages.

A USB connector provides easy plug-and-play interface with a PC.

The New Scale motion control software provides point-and-click Squiggle motor control.

Alternatively, users can call the ActiveX command library from third-party software applications such as Labview.

The command library includes both open-loop and closed-loop commands.

An intuitive scripting interface allows users to build their own custom scripts using the ActiveX library, if desired.

Multiple SQ-2300 controllers can be connected to one PC via a USB hub and driven simultaneously from a single screen, enabling multi-axis set-and-hold positioning.

Using the SQ-2300, Squiggle motor speed can vary continuously from micrometers per second to millimeters per second with better than 20nanometer position resolution.

The SQ-2300 can also be controlled by an analog input (0 to 3.3volt) or optional manual handset.

The SQ-2300 motor controller is approximately 30% smaller than the SQ-2000 series controller it replaces, saving valuable lab space.

It is available now at $600, including control software, ActiveX command library, and AC wall power adapter.

About Squiggle motors.

The patented Squiggle motor uses a threaded nut and screw to create precise linear movement in a very small space.

Piezoelectric ceramics create ultrasonic vibrations in the nut, causing the screw to rotate and translate with high precision.

Squiggle motors are smaller, more precise, less expensive and more efficient than conventional electromagnetic motors.

In addition, they use 90 percent fewer parts and require no gear reduction, which eliminates many failure modes.

This ceramic motor is fundamentally compatible with high magnetic fields including MRI chambers.

Squiggle motors are used in nanotechnology research, microelectronics, optics, lasers, biotechnology, medical devices, aerospace and defense, fluid control, and office/consumer products including mobile phone cameras.

New Scale Technologies makes miniature ceramic motors that enable its customers to create smaller products and research tools.

Its piezoelectric Squiggle motors are smaller, more efficient and more precise than conventional motors.

With very few parts and no gears, this patented piezoelectric motor design uses ultrasonic vibrations to create precise linear motion.

New Scale's miniature motors are compatible with extreme environments including vacuum, very low (sub-Kelvin) temperatures, and high magnetic fields.

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