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Delp names SG Instruments as distributor for India

Delp and Associates

Delp will continue to manufacture its laboratory equipment in the United States, provide technical assistance, and support SG Instruments in its sales and marketing activities for India

Delp and Associates has named SG Instruments as its distribution partner for India.

The full line of Delp Mixer products and accessories for bioscience, nanotechnology, and the chemical industry will be available to SG Instruments and its customers.

SG Instruments, incorporated in 1996 and based in New Delhi, was formed to support and help to grow the Indian research community.

Since its founding the company has worked to introduce and make available products that represent the height of technology and system innovation.

Four basic areas make up the industry focus for SG Instruments; material science, chemical engineering, biophysics-biochemistry, and environmental engineering.

In addition to Delp Mixers from the United States, SG Instruments represents manufacturers in Japan, Germany, Korea and the United Kingdom.

As an experienced provider of scientific equipment SG Instruments is well positioned to offer excellent service to new and expanding laboratories, academic institutions and scientists.

According to Delp and Associates CEO, Lisa Delp, the company considers the growth of biotechnology and advanced materials research in India a wonderful opportunity to expand its' global market.

Along with SG Instruments of India, the company has named Spring Scientific, China as a partner in making Delp laboratory mixing equipment readily available internationally.

The company believes global access to its products will benefit companies such as customers Rohm and Haas and FMC, which have invested heavily outside the United States.

The simple design and versatility of the Delp Mixer will allow a level of commonality across multi-national facilities without compromising quality or performance, make it easier to transfer technologies and processes, and maximise capital equipment investments.

"An effective support system for their customers and overseas manufacturers and a desire to learn from each new installation makes SG Instruments a valuable partner in India," says Lisa Delp.

She continued, "The introduction of an innovative product like the Delp Mixer requires a vision for the future.

"We believe that SG Instruments has that vision, and a desire to give customers value, quality and excellent service at a competitive price".

Customers in India who would like to receive Delp Mixer product information are invited to contact the main offices of SG Instruments in New Delhi and speak with Sandipan Guah.

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