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ADVANTEC to partner with Cole-Parmer

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Advantec range

Cole-Parmer has acquired authorized distribution rights in the UK to ADVANTEC's range of filtration solutions for laboratory, research, and process applications.

ADVANTEC's products are used in a wide variety of scientific capacities and applications such as microbiological analysis, air/gas filtration, and environmental monitoring.

Specifically, ADVANTEC serves the pharmaceutical, public health, food and beverage, water analysis, healthcare, life sciences, and electronics industries.

Because ADVANTEC manufactures their products to exacting standards, they are known for superb product integrity.

"ADVANTEC's range of filtration products fits comfortably within Cole-Parmer's own product range," commented Andy Waldes, Cole-Parmer's Director of Operations.

"It offers our customers an additional and valuable range of unique quality products that will enhance their processes and research".

General Manager of ADVANTEC MFS, Koichi Shiode, added "We are pleased to extend our partnership with Cole-Parmer to the UK, and are excited about the opportunity to introduce ADVANTEC's high-quality products to the British customer." Visit or contact Cole-Parmer free technical advice line on 0500-345-300 to find the right filtration solution for your application.

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