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Merck offers pump for microbiological analysis

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EZ-Stream pump

Merck Millipore, the Life Science division of Merck, has launched a vacuum pump whose direct transfer of liquids eliminates the need for repeated handling of liquid waste containers.

Designed for microbiological analysis, the EZ-Stream pump is claimed to combine ease of use, ISO standard compliance and high-performance flow rate.

Thanks to its maintenance-free diaphragm and specific check valves, the EZ-Stream pump enables liquids to run through the pump directly to waste.

Because there is no need to use additional containers to capture the waste liquid, it takes up less time than traditional vacuum/pressure pumps or in-house vacuums.

Transfer of liquids through the pump head has pressures up to 600-700 mbar.

Merck claims the pump can easily handle a multiple-head manifold for water or beverage testing, providing a comparable flow rate to traditional vacuum/pressure pumps and a better flow rate when compared to other liquid pumps.

Each individual pump is tested to ensure that the maximum vacuum delivered does not exceed 700mbar, which is the recommended vacuum value from the ISO 8199 on water quality.

The pump measures 20cm in width, 17cm in length and 22cm in height.

It also features noise reduction down to 60 dB is designed to require no maintenance due to its reliable vacuum performance and diaphragm made of highly durable and chemically resistant polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).

The EZ Stream pump handles both liquids and gases, making it suitable for many life-science laboratory applications.

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