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Analytica 2008 presents future laboratory trends

Munich Trade Fairs

Analytica 2008

As a leading international trade fair for instrumental analysis, laboratory technology and biotechnology, Analytica 2008 showcases the entire range of equipment and services for laboratories

Analytica will be held for the 21st time from 1-4 April 2008, in Munich.

It will fill five halls at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre.

New event formats such as an innovations area and an executive roundtable will make the fair for appealing than ever for exhibitors and trade visitors alike.

Large-scale contract laboratories that provide analysis services and new fields of business through point-of-care diagnostics - where are the laboratories of tomorrow headed?.

The range of exhibits covers all aspects of the value-added chain for modern laboratories, from research and development to materials testing, quality assurance and laboratory diagnostics.

In addition to classic exhibition sectors such as laboratory equipment, state-of-the-art analysis techniques, biotechnology and the life sciences, Analytica also addresses solutions such as environmental and food analysis as well as medical diagnostics for the laboratory, sectors whose economic and political significance continues to increase.

The three main exhibition categories in the five halls at Analytica 2008 are laboratory technology, analysis and quality control and life sciences and diagnostics for the laboratory sector.

With approximately 400 exhibitors expected in the biotechnology sector alone, Analytica reflects the central importance of the life-science sector in the region with the largest concentration of biotech companies in Germany, Munich.

Leading manufacturers and suppliers will be on hand in all three exhibition categories.

They come to Analytica to present their latest developments and to inform trade visitors about the trends and innovations of the future.

The fair is expected to generate momentum that will allow decision-makers and users to create even more value in the laboratory and tap new fields of business.

Laboratory robotics, IT and efficient new analysis techniques are giving rise to large contract laboratories that can process customers' orders quickly and flexibly.

An example in the biotechnology sector is PCR analysis: the latest techniques have made it possible for laboratories to work twice as quickly, resulting in a multitude of applications in infection diagnostics and food analysis.

Analytica 2008 is also expected to give important new impetus to the field of nanotechnology.

According to Germany's Federal Ministry for Education and Research, all branches of industry will use nanotechnology components and/or techniques in less than ten years.

Nanotechnology has two new business sectors to offer laboratories: on the one hand, the use of nano-particles is expected to create new markets in diagnostics such as chip-based analysis instruments.

And on the other, analysis is necessary to thoroughly analyse nano-products.

After all, the more nano-products find their way into our everyday lives, e.g in cosmetics, food and textiles, the more aware people will become about consumer protection.

Last but not least, Analytica 2008 will give visitors a comprehensive look at the latest equipment and development trends in portable analysis: portable 'analysis midgets' are very popular, especially in diagnostics and in food and environmental analysis.

Equipment for point-of-care analysis can be used on location and has proven to be robust and easy to use.

Thanks to uncomplicated analysis techniques, it provides immediate and highly reproducible results in routine analysis.

New in 2008: the Innovations Area.

The industry's leading manufacturers are not the only ones driving progress.

Research institutes and small innovative companies are also doing their fair share.

That is why Analytica 2008 has an entire presentation platform dedicated to them: the Innovations Area allows start-up companies, founder centers and research institutes to present their business ideas to the industry and to a broad-based audience of specialists.

The new Innovations Area features two presentation formats: on the one hand, start-up companies and university spin-offs can book exhibition space for presenting their products and solutions.

The area will also be rounded out by its own technology and innovations forum, which gives small companies that have developed marketable ideas and technologies a chance to present their innovations.

Two birds with one stone: attend the fair and a training course.

Analytica 2008 has also expanded its related-events programme: for the first time ever, the 2008 fair features a series of education and training events as well as an executive roundtable.

The programme of training events gives the fair added value for laboratory workers who can combine their visit to Analytica 2008 with an intensive training course.

The executive roundtable, on the other hand, allows leading managers to discuss the industry's latest hot topics in front of an auditorium full of highly qualified professionals and interested media representatives.

Analytica 2008 will also feature established events such as the Analytica conference, which is a summit for cutting-edge research, and job day.

Add to that the former Analytica Forum, which has been renamed the Business and Markets Forum for 2008.

The Business and Markets Forum will feature presentations and panel discussions on economic-policy and business topics.

New look.

Those who know Analytica will have noticed that advertising for Analytica 2008 has a new look.

The new key visual and modified lettering in the exhibition's brand show that Analytica is living up to its role as the world's leading trade show with modern, contemporary forms of expression and presentation.

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