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Achema 2006: World forum for the process industry


Achema 2006

Pumps, compressors, fittings and values and Laboratory and analysis equipment will be the largest groups of exhibitors at the gargantuan German trade fair, to be held 15-19 May in Frankfurt

When Achema 2006 is held on 15-19 May in Frankfurt, Germany, the global economic and political climate will be significantly more favourable than it was back in 2003 when the last event took place says the organiser.

Exhibitors and visitors from around the world continue to show a high level of interest, led by the process industries in all of the emerging industrial nations.

As the leading international platform for suppliers of equipment to the chemical industry and all other sectors of the material conversion industry, Achema will once again provide vital stimulus for the continued development of technology, worldwide contacts and new business relationships.

4000 exhibitors from 50 countries and nearly 200,000 visitors from 100 nations including 40,000 decision makers will ensure that Achema retains its leadership role as the flagship event for the process industries.

Although there has been a noticeable tendency to delay registration, bookings received six months in advance of Achema (3300 bookings received by December 2005, now 3500) already exceed the 2003 level.

New registrations arrive on a daily basis, and the latest status is available online.

As usual, Pumps, compressors, fittings and valves (826 as of December) and Laboratory and analysis equipment (600 as of December) will be the largest groups of exhibitors followed by Thermal processes, Mechanical processes, Engineering, Instrumentation control and automation, and Pharmaceutical packaging and storage.

The exhibitors will display their latest developments and products on around 140,000m2 of net exhibition space in ten halls and on the grounds outside.

Similar to 2003, growth in the number of exhibitors was highest in the Pharmaceutical packaging and storage, Pumps, compressors, fittings and valves, and Thermal processes categories.

This year's special show, 'Service providers for the process industry' will show the largest growth in exhibition space and number of exhibitors.

This reflects increased demand in the industry for holistic solutions and integration of external service providers into company operations.

Gerhard Kreysa, CEO of Dechema and event organiser, explained that "the range and depth for all sectors of the process industry and the excellent synergy effects for exhibitors and visitors alike, which result from interaction between the different exhibitor groups, underline the leadership position of Achema".

Achema 2006 - emerging industrial nations square off against the competition.

The proportion of international exhibitors continues to grow at Achema.

Emerging countries from the Asian region including China, India and South Korea along with eastern European countries, for example the Czech Republic, are showing an increased presence at Achema.

Foreign exhibitors now account for 42% of the total (as of December 2005), which exceeds the quota at any previous event (2003: 40.9%, 2000: 37.7%).

Apart from Germany, the large contingents come from Italy, Switzerland, the UK, the USA, and France.

The total number of German exhibitors is down somewhat (due to concentration in the industry following insolvencies, mergers and acquisitions).

South Korea, China, India, the Czech Republic, Italy, and Holland showed the strongest growth in percentage terms (for countries with at least ten exhibitors).

Achema points the way: the economic outlook looks bright.

As the flagship event for equipment suppliers to the process industry, the show expects to benefit from a favourable economic climate.

OECD forecasts remain optimistic, and growth outside of Europe has given a boost to Germany industry which is a major exporter to the rest of the world.

Figures released by VDMA point to increased turnover and business expansion in drive engineering, fluid engineering, pumps and systems, large projects and water and waste water systems.

This trend is expected to continue as the economic recovery in Germany gains momentum.

Achema Congress turns the spotlight on tomorrow's innovation.

A dialogue with potential users and customers at an early stage is a vital step which can help turn excellent research results into innovative products.

Around 800 talks on topics that cut across the whole range of exhibitor groups and a carefully planned series of talks on current R+D trends in all sectors of the process industry (chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, foodstuffs, etc) reflect the current dynamism of the industry.

The topics include microreaction technology, nanotechnology, the use of alternative solvents, industrial biotechnology, the increasing intelligence of process machinery and systems, responsible and economical use of air, water and energy resources and renewable or recyclable raw materials.

Four podium discussions featuring high-profile personalities will look at sensitive economic and social issues.

The topics are 'Certificate trade: experience and outlook from the perspective of the chemical industry'; 'Reach - chemical approvals in Europe'; 'Elite universities - vision and reality' and 'Across the petrochemical frontier' which will look at what is likely happen when the Oil Age comes to an end.

World's leading platform for integrated environmental protection and industrial biotechnology.

Environmental protection and biotechnology are recurring themes which are found throughout Achema.

Both of these industries use engineering borrowed from the chemical process industry.

There will be 1500 exhibitors from the environmental protection industry and 1100 exhibitors from the biotechnology industry at Achema, making it the world's largest platform for embedded environmental protection and for equipment, processes and services in the biotechnology industry.

One third of visitors at Achema cite environmental protection engineering as their main focus, and there is a similar level of interest in biotechnology.

Industrial biotechnology exhibition and partnering conference.

A two-day partnering conference focusing on industrial biotechnology, with participation by international research organisations and companies, will highlight the growing importance of so-called 'white' biotechnology.

The latest results and products from the RandD sector along with services and the bio business will be at the top of the agenda.

A large workshop programme will provide an insight into the global potential of industrial biotechnology, with particular emphasis being placed on the high growth markets in China, eastern Europe, India, Japan and the USA.

International incentive programmes will be presented which are intended to promote the formation of networks in this sector.

Hot topic: the increasing importance of automation in the process industries.

Automation is becoming an increasingly important factor throughout the process industries, from the chemical industry to biotechnology and environmental protection.

Namur (association of users of process control technology) will provide strong impetus for the automation engineering sector at Achema.

For the first time, around 20 discussion panels will take place in Hall 10.1 in close proximity to the exhibitors.

Experts will lead discussions on topics ranging from instrumentation and process control systems to plant management, process management, communications, explosion protection and instrumentation.

Hasso Drathen, Namur business manager for Achema worldwide, expressed the view that 'economic, organisational and technological trends will lead to changes in automation systems in the near future".

The direction will be set at Achema.

The cooperation fair, which will be organised by the European Network of Innovation Relay Centres to kick start European-wide research and technology collaboration, will be another new event at Achema.

Special show: service providers for the process industries.

At 8-12% of turnover, logistics and supply chain costs represent a significant portion of production costs, and this makes them an attractive target for cost savings initiatives.

The biggest potential lies in optimised logistics flows which can be fine tuned to meet specific process and production requirements.

Distribution networks, global purchasing and sales as well as carefully-selected locations with good infrastructure can make an important contribution.

This year's Achema special show, 'Service providers for the process industry', will be dedicated to innovative strategies such as chemical logistics, supply chain management, chemical parks, contract production and research service providers.

A range of services will be on display in the special show in Hall 1.2 and in numerous presentations.

Achema worldwide business forums: focusing on China and the Middle East.

The opportunities and risks for companies in the industry today must be viewed in the context of the world economy.

Industry experts will provide first-hand information about the dynamic developments in China and the Arab region at two Achema worldwide forums: 'China on the verge to an innovation super power' (16 May) and 'The Middle East - upcoming hot spot for the world's process industry' (17 May).

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