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Mini-IGT presents nanotechnology recommendations

NanoKTN: Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network

Nanotechnology report

The Nanotechnology Mini-Innovation and Growth Team (Mini-IGT), part of the NanoKTN, has presented a report on its recommendations for the future success of nanotechnology in the UK.

The report, entitled 'Nanotechnology: a UK Industry View', also reviews where the UK sits in comparison with competitors in relation to the funding of nanotechnology and considers a strategic approach to the commercialisation of nanotechnology-based products, offering a view of where the UK could be in 2020, assuming that the recommendations are implemented.

The report details work carried out by the Mini-IGT following Lord Drayson's launch of the government evidence-gathering website on 7 July 2009, with the announcement that the UK would develop a nanotechnology strategy.

The report has been prepared to provide a market-wide view of what is required to ensure that nanotechnology-based industries are successful in the UK.

It has been endorsed by a steering and review group comprising 46 leaders from industry, academia, research-and-technology organisations and trade associations.

Recommendations have been listed under four headings: Policy and Regulation; Funding; Skills; and Engagement.

Given that nanotechnology innovation and exploitation is business driven, the main recommendation is that the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) should be responsible for leading and coordinating activities across the government to ensure that investment provides added value for the UK.

If this recommendation is implemented, funding can then be directed through the various bodies responsible to the BIS to drive the commercialisation of nanotechnology-based products.

It is further recommended that more accessible and commercially focused funding should be provided for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as larger companies engaged in the development of nanotechnology-based products to support innovation in the UK.

The report was presented at an event on 14 January 2010 at the BIS Conference Centre in London.

The event programme includes speakers from government departments, industry and academia and includes presentations and exhibitions showcasing UK activities in nanotechnology.

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