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NanoKTN announces nano-enabled sensors workshop

NanoKTN: Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network

Sensors workshop

The Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network (NanoKTN) has announced the date for its next micro and nano-enabled sensors workshop.

This follows on from a series of collaborations with JEMI and the Sensors and Instrumentation KTN.

The workshop, which will take place on 21 January 2010, will look at the challenges of integrating micro and nano-enabled sensors into suitably packaged systems for real commercial applications.

It will include presentations from key players in the industry, including Zarlink, Optocap and BAE Systems.

Micro and nano-enabled sensors are a key part of many high-value product markets but their development presents specific challenges, especially to those in the medical, military and communication sectors.

However, the development of these sensors is essential to enable greater functionality, efficiency and security in high-value product design.

A key challenge in the adoption of these technologies is being able to connect the active sensor device or sub assembly to a general-purpose circuit board or suitable probe device for onward product integration.

The Packaging and Integration Challenges for Micro and Nano-enabled Sensors workshop has been designed to stimulate the formation of the complete supply chain, for successful implementation of nanotechnology in these industry sectors.

'This workshop will be looking at and evaluating all the issues of the supply chain for the nanotechnology industry looking to supply the packaging market,' said Alec Reader, director of the NanoKTN.

'It will examine the challenges faced in designing, packaging and integrating micro and nano-enabled sub-components into robust systems and will be relevant to any companies or individuals working in this area,' he added.

The workshop will consist of a number of presentations, followed by a group-discussion, aimed at exploring the key areas that need to be further addressed.

A table-top exhibition will run throughout the day offering opportunities to showcase products and services.

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