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NanoKTN to discuss nanomaterials commercialisation

NanoKTN: Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network

Nanomaterials workshops

The Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network (NanoKTN) has announced that it will be partnering with Nanocentral on two workshops at the Nanomaterials2010 conference in London.

The workshops are concerned with addressing two current issues in commercialisation, integrating nanotechnology in food applications and the measurement and characterisation of nanomaterial systems.

The first workshop, Nanotechnology and Food Contact Materials, being hosted by the NanoKTN, alongside Nanocentral and Leatherhead Food Research on day one of Nanomaterials2010, will provide a route to high-value, multifunctional products including food packaging with big benefits to food safety, quality, shelf life and its ability to be recycled.

Nanotechnology and Food Contact Materials will investigate and discuss challenges faced by nano-enabled products in direct contact with food including food packaging.

By bringing together packaging professionals, the workshop aims to identify new opportunities and collaborative partnerships, through evaluation of the current landscape.

A series of industry case studies will be presented that will look at nano-enabled products applied to food contact surfaces, including improved anti-microbial performance, gas permeability, prolongation of shelf life and enhanced recyclability.

The NanoKTN's second workshop on Measurement and Characterisation, in partnership with Nanocentral and Intertek, is aimed at a commercial and pre-competitive academic audience concerned with making repeatable and well-characterised prototypes and products.

The commercialisation of nanotechnology depends on being able to measure to a high level of accuracy at the nanoscale, which enables manufacturing process development to be controlled and products to be designed for end-user properties quickly and efficiently.

One example of this challenge is the nano-composites market (extensively used in transport and aerospace applications) where control of processing parameters at economic prices is important.

The challenge for that industry is to measure those properties preferably in 3D to ensure mixing consistency of the nanomaterial and its carrier to eliminate flaws and structural strength without compromising other properties such as transparency and electrical conductivity.

During the workshop, Stuart Maclachan from Ceram will outline international efforts to standardise nanomaterials and to encourage best practice in specifying them between clients and vendors.

There will also be presentations from developers of products, analytical service providers and from the National Physical Laboratory.

Members of the NanoKTN will receive discounted rates to the two workshops and Nanomaterials2010 are also extending this offer for the third workshop Nanomaterials SHE.

The workshop, hosted by Safenano and Assurednano, will deliver knowledge on the latest best practice in delivering nanomaterials safely to help companies take a responsible stance in addressing potential consumer and societal concerns.

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