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Spectrometer enables analysis of bulk materials

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M1 Mistral spectrometer

The M1 Mistral u-XRF spectrometer from Bruker Nano can be used to analyse jewellery and alloys, to determine RoHS compliance and to characterise coatings, for example.

It is said to enable the accurate analysis of bulk materials and layers using X-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology.

The instrument allows the user to analyse arbitrarily shaped samples without the need for preparation.

All elements from Z=22 (titanium) and higher can be analysed.

This makes a wide range of materials accessible, such as metals, alloys and metallic layers, including multi-layer systems.

Specimens up to a size of 100 x 100 x 100mm can be placed directly on the sample stage and analysed without further preparation.

As the measurement is contactless, arbitrarily shaped specimens - such as finely wrought jewellery or materials of varying thickness - can be analysed easily.

The M1 Mistral's micro-focus X-ray tubes produce sufficient intensity, even down to spot sizes of 100um, depending on the collimator used.

Together with the video microscope for exact sample positioning, this ensures that measurement takes place at the desired spot.

Additional comfort can be added with the optional computer-controlled stage motorisation and autofocus function.

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