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Antibodies and conjugates for biomedical research

Cambridge BioScience

General company product range

Cambridge BioScience has been appointed the new distributor for BioLegend in the UK and Ireland

BioLegend specialises in developing and manufacturinghigh-quality, cutting-edge antibodies and their conjugates forbiomedical research with products covering areas such as cellimmunophenotyping, cytokines and cell cycle analysis.

In additionto being highly cost-effective, antibodies are designed for usein a wide range of applications including flow cytometry, Westernblotting, immunofluorescence and in vitro/ in vivo functionassays.

This comprehensive panel of research reagents nowcontains over 1000 purified FITC, PE and APC anti-mouse andanti-human CD antibodies.

To find your antibody of choice,request the BioLegend 2004 catalogue from Cambridge BioScience.

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